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Gastronomy Fair at Selva Verde Lodge

Gastronomy Fair, October 1, 2017

Selva Verde Lodge, Sarapiquí Costa Rica

SVL blog

On Sunday October 1st, Selva Verde Lodge hosted a Gastronomy Fair, as a way to celebrate varieties of organically made traditional cuisine from different restaurants in the Sarapiquí region. The event featured diverse dishes all made from locally-sourced organic ingredients. The fair, the first of its kind in Sarapiquí, was held at La Terrazza Restaurant on the grounds of Selva Verde and was open to the public. Guests had the opportunity to sample and experience locally grown organic foods from seven different vendors. 

Gastronomy is a broad term that describes choosing, cooking and eating food as an art form. The ingredients used, preparation methods and presentation are intentional, thoughtful acts, not solely a means to an end. Gastronomy also looks at the relationship between food and culture---and how traditional customs can enhance the experience of eating food.  That was the main goal of Selva Verde’s Gastronomy fair: to create a sense of community and public awareness in regards to the availability of local, organic products from the Sarapiquí region as well as honor traditional culinary customs. Another aim is for Selva Verde to continue and increase its identity as an establishment that values healthy gastronomic mentality; by viewing food as a source of nourishment and connection with ourselves and others. The use of local and organic products is one of the best ways to honor our bodies, connect with local vendors, and support small business/local economies.   

“Most of us buy food in the supermarket without realizing that just around the corner there are Sarapiqueños offering better quality, organic products at accessible prices,” says Marco Gasparoli, manager and developer at Selva Verde.

Overall the fair was a success. “It’s an important step,” said Marco. “And we look forward to hosting a similar event next year, to continue raising awareness about the importance and availability of local and wholesome foods.”  

Written by : Molly O'Brien