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Community and Conservation Programs


Tree planting at the Learning CenterSelva Verde is proud to partner with the Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center (SCLC) to offer students, educators, and other groups the opportunity to learn about the people and culture in our community. Founded in the 1990’s by Giovanna Holbrook and Selva Verde Lodge, the SCLC was established to promote conservation education in the communities surrounding Selva Verde. Today the SCLC is a fully independent nonprofit working to achieve a sustainable future for the people and wildlife of the region. Funded in part by its ecotourism activities, the SCLC offers opportunities for cultural exchange between visitors and local people through activities and service projects.


learning Programs in Community and conservation

Selva Verde and the SCLC can help you craft a unique service learning program or cultural immersion experience for your students. Or, choose from a variety of existing programs.  Click on any of the activities below to learn more

For more details about additional SCLC activities and detailed information on the Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center please visit the SCLC WebsiteFor custom programs, please CONTACT US

sclc logo Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center is a non-profit conservation education organization in Costa Rica.