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Naturalist Guides

our Resident Experts at selva verde


We are very fortunate at Selva Verde to have excellent naturalist guides, who share their knowledge and appreciation of the flora and fauna of the rainforest with our guests to provide a true connection with Costa Rican nature and culture. We would like to present our local resident naturalists Fabiola and Randy.


Carlos AlcocerCarlos Alcócer MendozaCarlos Alcócer

My name is Carlos Alcócer Mendoza, i am from Guanacaste North Pacific of Costa Rica, I have been living in Sarapiquí for 20 years with my family, in La Guaria de Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí, I am a curious person, lover of outdoor activities, I love to walk the trails in the middle of the forest, swim in the river and discover what is there; thanks for the help of my mother who is a teacher, I learned about history, general and local geography of Costa Rica, from a very young age. I decided to study tourism at the end of high school at Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje (INA), where I would later became a tour guide, I have been working as an independent guide for 5 years now, always eager to learn something new in the forest so I can share it with everyone around, I look forward to learn much more about Costa Rica and its beautiful places, I aspire to travel all over the country. I am a local guide in this beautiful place called rainforest and for me it will be a pleasure to be part of your trip in Costa Rica as your local guide in this wonderful place full of adventures to discover.