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Education Programs

site-based study abroad

Selva Verde Lodge and Private Reserve provides an exceptional backdrop to explore topics of natural history or to use the surrounding environment as part of your international teaching strategies for global literacy. Selva Verde’s private reserve is the ideal basecamp for educational field programs in ecology, conservation, community development, and culture.

learning centerLearning Center Students, Selva Verde LodgeDESIGNED FOR STUDENT LEARNING
An ideal control site for graduate, undergraduate, or advanced high school studies, the site is equipped with classrooms, dormitory accommodation, Wi-Fi, and a basic wet lab facility, offering an ideal backdrop for annual student studies in a variety of research applications. In conjunction with the Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center, an on-site educational non-profit organization, we can help you design a course to meet the academic needs of your group.

Fields of Study:  Forest Fragmentation | Community Development | Climate Change | Ecosystem Analysis | Botanical Diversity | Mammal Diversity | Entomology | Ornithology | Agricultural Impact | Citizen Science


K-12 Curriculums 
Discover the mysteries of the rainforest through our El Centro Natural ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION PROGRAMSExplore the link between COMMUNITY AND CONSERVATION Programs with the Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center.


Students at the Learning Center, Selva Verde LodgeHIgher Ed CURRICULUMS
Selva Verde is an ideal base for university immersion programs and educator professional development workshops. Our rainforest reserve makes an ideal rainforest research site. Our close proximity to San Jose, OTS La Selva Biological Station, and several of Costa Rica's famous national parks allow access to extended learning and exploration. Please CONTACT US for information on how to create a unique field study for your students.




Long revered for research in the natural sciences, Selva Verde provides a solution for faculty-led long-term tropical science research without expenses from consortium or member fees, while accessing both primary and secondary forest with ease.


foto miti 1 Lesser anteater, Selva Verde LodgeIDEAL LOCATION FOR EXPLORATION
Selva Verde alone is home to 398 species of birds, 330 species of trees, 69 species of mammals, and countless other plant and insect species. It is also a part of the Mesoamerican Bio-Corridor, an international initiative to link forested land between Mexico and Panama to protect the abundant biodiversity of species and habitats in the region.