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Selva Verde Lodge: Rebuilding our Bridge

Selva Verde Lodge: Rebuilding our Bridge

Andrea Holbrook

SVL Bridge by Jessica Manieri blog

Over the many years and many visits that I’ve been privileged to be a part of Selva Verde’s story, I’ve come to find my favorite places at the Lodge.

One of them is the covered bridge that leads out to rooms 34-45. Here the walkway is an earth-toned, sheltered skyway that curves in harmony with Sarapiquí River. The hard wood flooring, with its rich hues of reds and browns is not only functional but also a work of art. Another special place is the balcony on one side of the upstairs dining room that overlooks the reserve. Here you can sit, enjoy a cup of coffee, see the monkeys and birds and watch their behavior for hours.   And finally, another spot of significance is our bridge-- which connects the Selva Verde Lodge’s grounds to the Lodge’s private reserve situated on the other side of the Sarapiquí River.  This suspension bridge spans roughly 170 meters in length and it joins the Lodge to the magical world of the tropical rainforest and all the biodiversity it protects.  In short, the bridge is the connection between the Lodge and its reason for being—the rainforest. 

For this reason, I am delighted to share the news that the bridge is being completely rebuilt to serve our needs for decades to come.  Our existing bridge, built about 8 years ago, requires an overhaul to ensure that it remains stable and sturdy, so we engaged a local engineering and construction firm to take on the project.   The new bridge will maintain the original site and utilize the existing towers on either side of the river (17 and 13 meters in height), though they will be reinforced.   The main cables, flooring, siding and rails will all be new.  The bridge will also be a few centimeters larger in width. It will maintain its length of 170 meters from entrance to the beginning of the forest. The rebuilding began in July of 2017 and is expected to be finished by November or December of this year. 

December cannot arrive soon enough. I can’t wait to stand on the new bridge, at some of my favorite old-time spots, and gaze out over the river and tree canopy that lines its banks.  I’ll peer the 12 meters down at the rushing water to catch glimpses of the big Guapote fish, swimming furiously against the Sarapiquí’s current, but still surfacing in short bouts above the water.  If I am lucky I’ll see the prized Sunbittern stealthily fishing along the river, and maybe even hear the beloved raucous calls of the Great Green Macaws, before quickly turning my gaze skyward to see them soaring overhead.  

The bridge at Selva Verde was and will soon again be our connection to the rainforest’s timeless beauty.

I wonder, are any of my favorite spots the same as the many guests that have visited Selva Verde? If I’ve missed any, I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below.       

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